To find an efficient solution for the system, our experts use the information gained from the analysis and also their expertise. We also use different tools for pumps, valve and fluid line

System components determine the energy efficiency of the system. Each component of the fluid network is matched with your requirements. This prepares the frame work for efficient operations and savings.

Our selection process involves the following steps

  • Analysis Report
  • Fluid network structure and load profile.
  • Selection of pumps, valves and fluid lines.
  • Selection of drive.

Fluid network structure and load profile:

Based on the load profile generated in the analysis report and application specific
requirements we determine how many pumps to be installed and what operating mode.

Selection of Pump, Valve and Piping:

Components are selected for the determined fluid network structure. We offer a wide range
of pump products specialization in each industrial sector. Load profile and number of pumps
are the key factors in selecting the pump. Fluid lines and valves are selected according to
flow coefficients flow velocities and viscosity.

Selection of Drive:

Load profile and requirements are considered while selecting the drive of the motor. Fixed
or variable drive are selected according to load profile.

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