• Paint Industry

Diaphragm Pumps for Pumping Paints and Lacquer

DiaPump Diaphragm Pumps have excellent properties for pumping paint mixtures, varnishes and laminates. DiaPump are resistant against chemicals and abrasion due to PTFE body. Our pumps can easily handle viscous media and we also have materials available to handle water and solvent based paints.

DiaPump pumps can also be used in various application throughout the paint industry such as filling of vials, bottles or paint cans.

Air operated double diaphragm pumps are used throughout the paint manufacturing industry for different applications such as for paint spraying guns.

Due to the increase in the production of water-based paints double diaphragm pumps have the right material. Further applications where Diaphragm pumps can be used at following stages in paint manufacturing

  • Addition of biding agents.
  • Manufacturing of Water-based Paints.
  • Paint Tank Farm where colors, resins and oil are collected.
  • Transfer of paint mixture for homogeneous mixing
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