When designing a fluid network, we consider a multitude of factors including theoretical equations, factors in terms of pipe materials and losses in terms of fitting. Our team of engineering design are experts in designing the fluid network. And they have all the tools needed to execute the job.

They take the following factors in account while designing your fluid network

Head Losses:

Losses in energy occur when a fluid flows through a network. These losses are generally friction with the pipe itself and obstructions such as bends, branches, expansions and reductions in pipe. Such loses define how much head or pressure is lost in system and indicate how much energy the pump will use to meet the requirements.

Major Losses:

Major losses describe all friction losses in the system. Friction in pipes is caused by roughness of pipe. Shear stress between the wall of pipe and the fluid cause friction losses in turbulent flow. The rougher the surface of pipe the greater the friction loss will be.

Minor Losses:

Losses due to fittings, bends, valves, expansions and reductions in the system are termed as minor losses. These losses have an impact on the network efficiency and are considered while designing the system. FluidPro engineering design team has a single goal, eliminating the losses and designing a high efficiency system.

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