Verderair Pure

The Verderair Pure is designed for heavy-duty operation, harsh chemicals and demanding process conditions, such as the manufacturing of photovoltaic solar panels, power stations, acids, solvents and petrochemical industry. The Pure range is machined from a single block of virgin grade PE or PTFE. Due to the massive construction, it is possible to completely avoid welds, which results in a significantly stronger construction without the risk of leaks caused by mechanical stress.

Technical Data

TypeMax. FlowMax. Discharge PressureLiquid Conn.Maximum Suction Lift (Wet)Certificates
VA P0819 l/min7 Bar1/4″ NPT9 m wcATEX
VA P1028 l/min7 Bar3/8″ NPT9 m wcATEX
VA P1560 l/min7 Bar1/2″ NPT9,5 m wcATEX
VA P25150 l/min7 Bar1″ NPT9,5 m wcATEX
VA P40370 l/min7 Bar1 1/2″ NPT9,5 m wcATEX
VA P 50660 l/min7 Bar2″ NPT9,5 m wcATEX