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With FluidPro we improve the energy efficiency of your fluid network using five steps. In these five steps we always look at your fluid network over its entire life cycle.

FluidPro team uses its expert knowledge along with smart products and services to make use of all the potential saving. FluidPro reduces your operating cost and contributes towards an energy – efficient future, with you.

Planning a new investment or wanting to improve the efficiency of your current fluid network; FluidPro is the answer.

About Liquide Technix

Liquide Technix focuses on servicing its customers with engineering expertise in the field of fluid mechanics. We offer products and services that can help our customers in gaining high efficiencies in their production. If an industry is a user of any type of fluid, Liquide Technix has a solution for it.

Liquide Technix is closely connected to pumps, valves and related services. When a need to transport, control or close off fluids arises, Liquide Technix finds you the best possible solutions in the most cost-effective method.

Liquide Technix provides experienced advice, excellent quality and most reliable solution. We facilitate our customers’ requirements to their satisfaction. Our goal is customer satisfaction.

We also keep track of latest trends in the field of Industrial Automation in the sector of fluid mechanics. Making new installations energy efficient to conducting audits to find inefficiencies in existing fluid network, Liquide Technix has a solution for all.

Fluid Audit

Pump System Audit helps in identifies opportunities for reducing energy consumption and overall business cost.

Pump System Audit looks at your system as a whole and identifies inefficiencies. It supports with entire system optimization, reduction in leakage and fluid management process.

Pump System Audit not only reduces power consumption but also increases the life span of your system.

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